What are we doing and why?


Why do we want to improve active travel links between Sully and Cosmeston?

There is a growing need to reform the way people travel between destinations using private vehicles.  

The provision of good quality active travel infrastructure is an important component in negating the need for people to own vehicles.

Active travel infrastructure may also be used as a tool to improve physical and mental well-being and mitigate the impact of private vehicles on the environment.

By providing one of these proposed route options, we can facilitate a modal shift from the private car to active modes for short distances to either Sully, Cosmeston and Penarth.  

We want to achieve the following:

  • facilitate active travel;
  • enable and encourage people to travel sustainably;
  • deliver an integrated transport system where walking and cycling provide an alternative to car travel;
  • enhance the active travel infrastructure in the Vale of Glamorgan;
  • increase the number of active journeys between Sully and Penarth by 20% within three years of scheme completion; and,
  • make a lasting positive impact.

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